What "inflammatory rhetoric" has come from your President?
Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:59am (XFF:

Whenever ignorant Trump-haters puke up their bile about their President's "inflammatory rhetoric", the refer to things
he's said about ignorant Trump-haters who have infiltrated his rallies in order to be disruptive.

Either that, or they puke up "He's called the press the enemy of the people AAAHHH!!!"

In the FIRST case, you're dealing with inbred turds who voluntarily put themselves in a situation to be ridiculed for
being stupid and intentionally going to an event with the intent to be disruptive.

In the SECOND case, your President is saying that a DISHONEST BIASED PRESS is the enemy of a free people, which is TRUE!

What other "inflammatory rhetoric" has your President used that is in ANY WAY AT ALL like the rhetoric of the Democrats
and the Liberals that has inflamed ignorant Trump-haters?

Your President's severed head.

Dreaming about blowing up the White House.

Hoping that your President's son would be kidnapped and put in a cage with a pedophile.

Asking when was the last time an Actor assassinated a President.

Calling for Liberals to form crowds to harass and intimidate Republicans in public to tell them they aren't welcome.

And when that kind of rhetoric incites ignorant Trump-haters to commit outrageous acts, the Democrats double-down on
it. threatening that it will continue until they win.

Name one thing your President has ever said that would encourage an anti-Semite to kill Jews.

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