That isn't what I wrote...
Thu Nov 1, 2018 1:24pm

The point is that the claim that NOBODY wanted him here WAS in fact based solely on political figures. No doubt there were ALSO non-political figures who didn't want him there. But the BASIS of the argument was politicians.

There is ample evidence that there WERE folks who DID want him here as well. They just weren't political figures and were ignored by the position taken that "nobody" wanted him there BASED ON the opinions of POLITICIANS ONLY.

I don't care when or if he goes or doesn't go. I've never been a big fan of the political gesture.

  • did not want him there. Seems rather small minded of you to dismiss (frankly completely erase) the concern of the victims, just like your hero the Malignant Narcissist Trump did.
    • That isn't what I wrote... — Sprout, Thu Nov 1 1:24pm
      • the funerals were all done. The officials that would be forced to divert resources to protect him told him it was a BAD TIME to come. NO politicians he pestered to go with him were willing to force... more
      • You mean YOUR claim 'NOBODY' wanted him there.HeavyHemi, Thu Nov 1 1:58pm
        Nobody here made that argument. As you are again, making a dishonest argument to defend your hero Trump, spare us. You personally took the opportunity to DEFEND Trump. Own it.
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