Ask Australia. Ask the Netherlands.
Thu Nov 1, 2018 3:17pm

How about forcing those who don't vote to have their lives run by the tangerine tornado.
Haven't checked much on who is subsidizing who, have you?
My permanent residence is abroad, but as a citizen I still pay taxes (with a bit of a break). Guess I'm subsidizing some acreage in Iowa.

  • There are a number of problems with Sprout, Thu Nov 1 1:27pm
    "compulsory" voting. 1. What is the value of a vote by someone who doesn't want to vote? Is there vote a considered vote? Or is it just marking the first block on the page because they are required... more
    • Ask Australia. Ask the Netherlands. — SJW, Thu Nov 1 3:17pm
      • You tell us. It was your proposal.Sprout, Thu Nov 1 3:51pm
        What is the penalty for failure to vote? And I notice you didn't address the qualitative question either.
        • ...enough to just puke something up and let it drip through the cracks. "EVERYONE SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO VOTE AAAHHH!!!" Ok. How would that work? "AAAHHH!!! STOP AXING ME QUESTIONS!!! I DON'T KNOW!!!... more
        • As for qualitative issues. Having a large enough minority who actually voted for Trump, it can't possibly get worse.
          • What about the poor?Sprout, Mon Nov 5 9:08am
            Those who are least able to afford the time and travel to go and vote are the same who would be most hurt by the fines. "It can't possibly get worse" - Certainly you assume that. You seem to feel... more
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