Wouldn't change much here: no polls.
Thu Nov 1, 2018 3:46pm

Oregon has been 100% vote-by-mail for quite a few years...

  • Election Reform IdeasAmadeus, Thu Nov 1 1:23pm
    ...elections moved to Monday instead of Tuesday, and to have the Monday be a national federal holiday. Then, expand voting to include the weekend before. Open the polls on Saturday and Sunday, as... more
    • I would agree to expanding the number of days to voteDeplorable Pheoma, Thu Nov 1 5:24pm
      But then, we wouldn't need a holiday to get people to vote, would we? We already have too many of them. Give them 5 days or a week. No problem. However that would increase the cost of the staff who... more
    • Wouldn't change much here: no polls. — Poppet, Thu Nov 1 3:46pm
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