The Words of The Prophets Are Written On Subway Walls
Thu Nov 1, 2018 7:12pm
Jews should be wary of Donald Trump’s promises to Israel
Updated November 17, 2016 12:37 PM


Trump’s campaign has unleashed a stream of anti-Semitism that American Jews have not had to face for decades. Trump’s refusal to disavow former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke as quickly as he should have, his campaign’s use of a Star of David to connote the corruption of the moneyed class, his appointment of alt-right supporter Steve Bannon as a senior adviser, and the wave of anti-Semitic tweets and even death threats against prominent Jewish journalists ought to worry Jews everywhere. The KKK’s announced victory march in North Carolina is an indication that anti-Semitism may just be warming up.

What’s at stake are not tweets or marches, offensive graphics or graffiti. What is at stake is the American Jewish future. The question is whether history will see 2016 as the beginning of the end of the Golden Era of American Judaism. Jews thrived in America not because all Americans loved Jews but because America was, with many notable exceptions, a fundamentally tolerant place, at least to Jews. There were, of course, periods of hatred and of hate-filled demagogues such as Father Charles Coughlin, but because the U.S. was fundamentally a place where abject public hatred was out of bounds, Jews thrived. That unspoken social contract may just have ended.

The world’s two largest Jewish communities, in Israel and in the U.S., now face dangers that just months ago would have been unthinkable. Across the ocean, one wrong Trump move could unleash a wave of Arab violence that Israel could not easily subdue. And closer to home, Americans have elected a president who floated to power on a wave of hate. With derogatory remarks toward Muslims, Hispanics, women, people with disabilities and more, Trump has legitimated the sort of discourse in which Jews have never flourished.

Those with even a modicum of knowledge of Jewish history know that there has never, ever been a society that was shaped by hate that sooner or later did not come for the Jews.

    • some people hate "the Jews" or why they were so targeted throughout the ages. But more important, I will NEVER be okay with hatred against them (or any other groups) being tolerated.