Let us know when Trump gets past 'President Hillary'.
Mon Nov 5, 2018 12:49pm

He's still campaigning against her.

  • My election predictions.SES, Mon Nov 5 9:19am
    Democrats take the House with a narrow majority. Republicans gain 3 or 4 seats in the Senate. Democrats in the House decide not to impeach President Trump because they know that even if they impeach... more
    • Two more predictions....SES, Tue Nov 6 9:04am
      1. All eyes (almost) will be on Virginia early in the evening tonight. And early returns will look good for Republicans. But by the end of the night the returns from Libturd Land (Northern Virginia)... more
    • My predictionsDeplorable Pheoma, Mon Nov 5 11:38am
      A whole lot of folks vote. A whole lot of loudmouthed buffoons get elected. Nothing really changes.