As I recall it, though admittedly it has been
Tue Nov 6, 2018 8:27am

quite a few years since I was in school, it was the STATE legislature that assigns the electors.

And in the beginning, the electors themselves had quite a bit more power than they do now as I recall.

If the people in the state voted for a Whig, and the elector felt the Democrat-Republican was a better choice, the elector could cast his vote as he chose. Essentially the electors were acting more as representatives than simply passing through the votes of the people.

I think the choice to go for winner-take-all was about power rather than about convenience.

I think the point is that going to winner take all was quite predictable and if the founding fathers had specifically desired to avoid it, they had the opportunity to write it that way. But chose not to. Why?

Personally I think the founding fathers IN GENERAL felt that the power should rest with the STATES. And so wrote things so that the STATES could exercise that power.

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    • As I recall it, though admittedly it has been — Sprout, Tue Nov 6 8:27am
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