Are the words APPOINT and COUNT too difficult to define ?
Tue Nov 6, 2018 9:53am

No flippin' kidding the states get to choose whomever they want to be their electors...

However, they CAN'T decide how many they get and, ORIGINALLY, electors represented certain voters in certain areas that each candidate won individually.

States decided to CAST their votes as a "winner take all", but the POINT is that each elector is actually ASSIGNED to whichever candidate actually WON them according to how the constitution DESIGNED the system. But electors then, AND NOW, are free to cast their votes as they see fit, regardless of who ACTUALLY won them, which is why NOW it is commonly "winner take all".

FACT IS, the states' control over FEDERAL ELECTIONS is limited to ONLY CHOOSING THE ELECTORS. It may be commonly "understood" that the electors will each go with the states' wishes as far as CASTING their votes after the election, but the electors, once chosen, do NOT answer to the state that appointed them. They have the authority of the constitution to cast their votes as they wish. States can never appoint a rogue elector again, but they can't MAKE them cast their votes once chosen and the election is over.

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    • Are the words APPOINT and COUNT too difficult to define ? — Sia☺giah, Tue Nov 6 9:53am
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