I guess we're talking past each other. I haven't talked...
Tue Nov 6, 2018 10:15am (XFF:

...about how many Electors each State GETS. THAT is, of course, explicitly stated in the US Constitution.

All I've talked about is how each State SELECTS the Electors that the US Constitution says that they GET.

It makes absolutely ZERO difference how the States "originally" apportioned their Electors. If they "originally"
chose one method, and later changed to a DIFFERENT method, that was their right under the US Constitution.

The point is that the US Constitution NEVER "designed the system" by which the States selected their Electors.
That decision was ALWAYS left to the States.

It's also incorrect to say that the Electors are now free to cast their votes as they see fit. In many States,
they are expressly NOT allowed to vote as they see fit. In many States they MUST vote in accordance with the
popular vote in the State. I suppose you could argue that they CAN vote as they choose, but they would face
punishments, and in some cases, their vote would be negated by the State.

It would be as accurate to say that people are free to choose to MURDER someone.

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    • I guess we're talking past each other. I haven't talked... — SES, Tue Nov 6 10:15am
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