I'll ask you what I asked jb on the R&E page.
Tue Nov 6, 2018 10:22am (XFF:

Quote Chapter and Verse of the US Constitution that you thinks dictates that the Electors appointed
by the States are free to vote for whomever they choose.

That's just factually incorrect.

If you actually read the US Constitution - Section 1 of Article 2, and the Twelfth Amendment - you'll
see that the US Constitution says absolutely NOTHING about how the States Electors are to be selected,
or who they shall vote for.

The US Constitution specifically says that those decisions are left to the individual States.

If you are going to claim that anyone "doesn't know what he is talking about", you need to be able to
quote the Constitution to back up your position.

We can.

You can't.

  • YEAH, it makes sense that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has PLENTY of say in how it all works. NO STATE gets to decide how many electors they get. They can only decide who to choose to be electors. The... more
    • I'll ask you what I asked jb on the R&E page. — SES, Tue Nov 6 10:22am
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