How is voting doe where YOU are?
Tue Nov 6, 2018 3:06pm (XFF:

Here in central Virginia, you are required to show Photo ID.

The lady looks you up on the Voter Rolls, and asks you for your full name and address.

She then prints out a slip with your Voter ID number, which she keeps to show that you voted, and hands you a little blue card that says you've checked in.

You take that to another lady, give it to her, and she hands you one paper ballot.

You take it to a booth, and fill in the circle next to the person you're voting for.

Then you take your ballot to a machine and feed it in.

I don't see a way to cheat that system.

I could see how it could be done if you didn't need a Photo ID.

But as it is, it seems pretty secure. At least as far as ensuring that only registered voters are allowed to vote.

Anything could happen once the ballot gets fed into the machine, I suppose.

    • I just sowed my name and address on the sample ballot I got in the mail. Then I had to sign my name in a big ledger. The rest went like you described. My brother probably didn't vote, so I could have ... more
    • That's pretty much how it works in Southern RI (nm)Lurking Grue, Wed Nov 7 1:31am
    • Then about a week after that, each registered person is mailed a ballot. You have until Election Day to get it in, either by mail, or by dropping it in a collection box (there are a good few of the... more
    • I think the only real systemic weaknessSprout, Tue Nov 6 4:29pm
      is the machine itself. One has to trust that it is programmed appropriately... I saw one proposed system that gave the voter feedback. You would put your card into the system and it would display how ... more
      • They always emphasized that you had to fill in the WHOLE circle. Not just an "X". They never tell you that when we use paper ballots. I always wonder if (1) the machine reads each ballot or if... more
        • California uses InkaVote Voting System.Ken C, Wed Nov 7 10:40am
 Yesterday I noticed the marking device was not... more
        • What you must do and must not do. NO x's or check marks should be on the ballot and the circles should be completely filled in. Very much like the standardized tests given by schools back in the day.
        • in that the person gives their name, which is looked up on the rolls. If it is there the person is processed as a voter. There just isn't any verification whether the individual is who they say they... more
          • Your teacher most likely reviewed them before mailing them out. Maybe he/she even darkened or finished partial circles on occasion, but absolutely did NOT score them because they were scored by... more
            • You are so certain of that?Sprout, Wed Nov 7 8:02am
              So, how did we get grades back that day? Hint: Our schools had the machines to read the tests at the school. Registered results NATIONALLY? Where do you get these fantasies? There was no such thing... more
              • in a few months. They were scored and compared nationally. I remember it CLEARLY because I was in the 98th & 99th percentile nationally in every subject but math, where I was in the 95th. I'm pretty... more
                • did them in different ways. Lots of possibilities exist: 1. A school sends the answer sheets to a central facility for all processing. 2. A school does its own initial scoring before sending the... more
                  • NOWHERE does it or I say that EVERY STUDENT nationally must take a particular test for it to be considered a 'NATIONAL TEST'. However, given that the tests were taken all over the nation and the... more
                    • I agree....Sprout, Fri Nov 9 8:17am
                      By now, there isnít a U.S. household with school-age children that hasnít experienced a standardized test, be it national assessments like the SAT-9, SAT-10, MAT-8, Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS),... more
    • Basically the same routine here in NH.Sia☺giah, Tue Nov 6 4:13pm
      Photo IDs, name/address, checked in on the paperwork with registered voter lists, given a ballot, we vote, then we check out and get marked as voting as we put our ballots into the ballot box on the... more
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