Looks like the Dems will most likely take the house.
Tue Nov 6, 2018 9:54pm

The Senate is likely to stay Red.

But wouldn't it be a riot if Ted Cruz actually does lose to Beto, who has been beating him all night?

    • Midterm is a stage showkatsung47, Mon Nov 19 6:52pm
      This country is ruled by the Feds. (FBI) Trump is their candidate. They clean the GOP to be Trump's private party and will cultivate Democrats too. This time they let the House to be blue because... more
    • always some confusion over...donk, Wed Nov 7 8:34am
      why people vote as they do: Is it religious beliefs? Especially the abortion issue? Or,is the country really leaning toward fascism? If it isn't already there. Ted Cruz versus an El Paso boy. No way... more
      • Nope. Nope. Nope.
        • mia culpa...donk, Sun Nov 18 6:11am
          It was my impression that you are associated with an excavation/construction company. The republican part was assumption and you know what assuming does.
          • Yes, my husband's business. He leans GOP. I don't.Sia☺giah, Sun Nov 18 11:26pm
            However, as socially liberal as I am, I am more fiscally conservative than liberal. However, it's only in how I want money to be spent and what results I expect from tax expenditures. I'm FINE with... more
            • I too am socially liberal....donk, Fri Nov 23 6:02am
              and still don't understand how those who have can be so uncaring about those who have not. Ironically, I resort to religious cliche' when I encounter hard core social "conservatives." I simply say,... more
            • conservatives are fiscally responsible when the last several decade have proven that to be nothing but effective marketing. The same with trying to turn the term liberal into an insult. Politically... more
      • I don't know that most voters are singleSprout, Wed Nov 7 8:40am
        issue voters. I suspect most voters take into account a range of factors including social issues as well as economic issues. As to us turning into such a horrible place... If that were true, why are... more
    • Yes.... it certainly was a riot for thoseSprout, Wed Nov 7 8:04am
      who watched Trump beat Hillary who had been beating him all night... But I guess for some folks humor is a bit more situational.
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