Might not have even needed that...
Wed Nov 7, 2018 10:08am

Probably just his name. I can't see a state refusing to allow you to vote because you didn't bring a sample ballot with you.

  • I just sowed my name and address on the sample ballot I got in the mail. Then I had to sign my name in a big ledger. The rest went like you described. My brother probably didn't vote, so I could have ... more
    • Might not have even needed that... — Sprout, Wed Nov 7 10:08am
      • I would only need his name and address.Ken C, Wed Nov 7 10:23am
        I noticed some people did not bring their sample ballots and had no problems. I walked to the voting place, and did not carry any photo ID with me. I knew I would not need it.
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