I Think With Warren/Sanders, It Is A Bit Different...
Wed Nov 7, 2018 1:56pm (XFF:

Sanders v Clinton was a significant difference in platform. Warren and Sanders aren't as different.

They would be worried about splitting the progressives in the primaries, and they would be right to worry. The progressives would prefer to have one solid candidate to back. It will help to amp up their voice in the primaries.


  • IMO the DNC tried hard to run HillarySprout, Wed Nov 7 11:57am
    essentially unopposed during primary season to avoid any negativit7y and was quite upset that Sanders wouldn't play along. IMO they will probably TRY that again, but as you say, there may be... more
    • I Think With Warren/Sanders, It Is A Bit Different... — Amadeus, Wed Nov 7 1:56pm
      • Warren is a phoney progressive, imo.Poppet, Wed Nov 7 3:41pm
        In 2016, she went running to embrace the corporatist wing of the party as soon as it was obvious that was where her personal political future would be better served. I wouldn't trust her any farther... more
        • Maybe I Am Not Remembering Correctly...Amadeus, Wed Nov 7 4:49pm
          ...but I thought Warren held out for a relatively long time before endorsing. Maybe that isn't right, though. I don't remember it clearly. I would say that Warren is more pragmatic than Sanders. Not... more
        • I don't care for Sanders either.HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 7 4:17pm
          Lifetime politician...who would be an octogenarian in thanks. He's got some good ideas, and some bad. (IMO of course)
          • His age is a real concern with me.Poppet, Wed Nov 7 4:36pm
            Not that I think he's not mentally sharp, etc. But that job ages people, and I could see it killing him (or hastening the onset of age-related cognitive issues). I'm not on board with all of Bernie's ... more
      • I don't think they are overly worried about ideology, but about WINNING... And if Warren and Sanders run AGAINST each other in the primaries they are GOING to end up telling the primary voters why... more
        • It's Not The DNC...Amadeus, Wed Nov 7 2:21pm
          This is about the progressives recognizing that the DNC is not their friend. We know that if there are two really good progressive candidates out there, they'll split progressive votes. If the... more
          • "Progressives" don't hold primaries...Sprout, Wed Nov 7 2:35pm
            Therefore it IS about what the DNC does. Because it is the PARTY that holds the primaries. And until there is a VIABLE party known as the "Progressive Party" it will remain the DNC that matters. The... more
            • No, It Isn't About What The DNC Does...Amadeus, Wed Nov 7 4:43pm
              They got slapped hard for what they did last time. Changes were implemented. The field is much wider this time. Many names are already out there. And my point was that progressives don't have their... more
              • I don't think so...Sprout, Thu Nov 8 9:09am
                They got yelled at. But the "progressives" can't run a candidate without the establishment. Yes, they made some changes, but do you REALLY think they are going to give up control? The REAL heart of... more