It's Not The DNC...
Wed Nov 7, 2018 2:21pm (XFF:

This is about the progressives recognizing that the DNC is not their friend. We know that if there are two really good progressive candidates out there, they'll split progressive votes. If the mainstream Democratic party has a strong candidate emerge fairly quickly, this will only help that candidate. Sanders and Warren are aware of this. I would be surprised if both of them run.

Even if the field were super crowded with candidates, which might seem to provide them with cover to test the waters, I'd urge them to use it rather to take advantage of being able to stand out from the pack as a truly progressive candidate.

I would vote for either of them. If they both ran, I would have to do a deep comparison of their positions, and there, they might not have much of a difference. It could, then, come down to their ability to pull marginal support from other groups.


  • I don't think they are overly worried about ideology, but about WINNING... And if Warren and Sanders run AGAINST each other in the primaries they are GOING to end up telling the primary voters why... more
    • It's Not The DNC... — Amadeus, Wed Nov 7 2:21pm
      • "Progressives" don't hold primaries...Sprout, Wed Nov 7 2:35pm
        Therefore it IS about what the DNC does. Because it is the PARTY that holds the primaries. And until there is a VIABLE party known as the "Progressive Party" it will remain the DNC that matters. The... more
        • No, It Isn't About What The DNC Does...Amadeus, Wed Nov 7 4:43pm
          They got slapped hard for what they did last time. Changes were implemented. The field is much wider this time. Many names are already out there. And my point was that progressives don't have their... more
          • I don't think so...Sprout, Thu Nov 8 9:09am
            They got yelled at. But the "progressives" can't run a candidate without the establishment. Yes, they made some changes, but do you REALLY think they are going to give up control? The REAL heart of... more