Maybe I Am Not Remembering Correctly...
Wed Nov 7, 2018 4:49pm (XFF:

...but I thought Warren held out for a relatively long time before endorsing. Maybe that isn't right, though. I don't remember it clearly.

I would say that Warren is more pragmatic than Sanders. Not that I don't appreciate Sanders' willingness to shoot for the moon, because he has demonstrated that he has the ability to work from those positions to compromises.

I guess I just don't want to write Warren off. I see a lot of the Hillary supporters as people who shared many of the same goals as me, but who put them on the back burner in support of Hillary and assumed that Hillary would get to them. I know that we need the whole kit and kaboodle to push past the right and take the country forward. Warren may not be the politician we deserve, but she might be the one we need.

But again, I would vote for Sanders. I voted for him (and donated) before and would do so again.


  • Warren is a phoney progressive, imo.Poppet, Wed Nov 7 3:41pm
    In 2016, she went running to embrace the corporatist wing of the party as soon as it was obvious that was where her personal political future would be better served. I wouldn't trust her any farther... more
    • I don't care for Sanders either.HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 7 4:17pm
      Lifetime politician...who would be an octogenarian in thanks. He's got some good ideas, and some bad. (IMO of course)
      • His age is a real concern with me.Poppet, Wed Nov 7 4:36pm
        Not that I think he's not mentally sharp, etc. But that job ages people, and I could see it killing him (or hastening the onset of age-related cognitive issues). I'm not on board with all of Bernie's ... more