Trump reacted by panicking and firing the AG.
Wed Nov 7, 2018 7:00pm

Because he knows he's toast.

  • ...the Dems have won something. I like how Republicans, including the President, handle the election results by considering how and whether they can work with the Democrat-controlled House, and how... more
    • Trump reacted by panicking and firing the AG. — HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 7 7:00pm
      • That's an interesting claim...Sprout, Thu Nov 8 9:55am
        Because I have been reading articles for many months suggesting that Sessions would be gone after the elections.
        • As with the rest of your ilk, you just bent over and grabbed your ankles. You already mead clear your reading skills are horrible. As to your silly argument, Trump's irrational lying pankicked... more
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