Jokes usually have an element of truth...
Thu Nov 8, 2018 9:55am

There certainly have been plenty of jokes about how dead folks vote. And there have been certainly examples of fraud where individuals would continue to collect the benefits of a deceased relative for months and even years. I guess it would be equally possible to maintain dead grandpa's voter registration and vote on his behalf.

It probably doesn't happen often, but I think what you suggest about people voting on behalf of someone who is dead, or moved, or someone that the fraudulent voter knows wasn't planning on voting.

I recall a story some years ago involving a case at a college somewhere of fraudulent absentee balloting where someone gathered up absentee ballots (I guess from the trash near the mailboxes or maybe they somehow had access to the mailroom, I don't recall) that were sent to school addresses for students who had since moved, filled them all out for the desired candidate and sent them in. They were caught (or there wouldn't have been a news story), but I don't recall enough of the details as to what got them caught.

  • I never needed it in MA, in any of the towns & cities I lived in. However, I did have to give my name and address and it was marked off when I voted. Someone could probably vote in someone else's... more
    • Jokes usually have an element of truth... — Sprout, Thu Nov 8 9:55am
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