When my parents were FT residents of FL, they got absentee
Thu Nov 8, 2018 6:57pm

ballots from MA because they'd voted absentee for several years prior to moving full time to FL from MA. Of course, they tore them up and contacted their former town officials to be removed from the automatic absentee ballot list. Two years later, they got more absentee ballots, which they tore up and tossed. They made another call and sent a letter this time. Another two years went by and they got ANOTHER set of them. Finally, they just tore them up and tossed them.

The moral of the story being that there is no doubt that folks COULD get away with those things some years ago. But how many DID ?? We'll never know. But NOW, it's much more difficult to get away with that stuff since the advent of sophisticated computer systems that can get death certificates and coordinate post office information about folks who move.

Nowadays, it's not at all easy to get away with it unless someone has major help by voting officials. Thus, it's pretty much agreed that it's not a big problem at all anymore.

  • Jokes usually have an element of truth...Sprout, Thu Nov 8 9:55am
    There certainly have been plenty of jokes about how dead folks vote. And there have been certainly examples of fraud where individuals would continue to collect the benefits of a deceased relative... more
    • When my parents were FT residents of FL, they got absentee — Sia☺giah, Thu Nov 8 6:57pm
      • One thought on 'not that big a problem'...Sprout, Fri Nov 9 8:14am
        I agree that we probably don't have vast conspiracies of voter fraud in many different states and/or municipalities.. But let's look at how close many elections are these days. A single corrupt... more
        • GWB his win.
          • I didn't remember that number, but I didSprout, Tue Nov 13 9:19am
            recall it was extremely close... Now, what if there had been one or two corrupt voting officials across the state of Florida? Might they have been able to switch enough votes or vanish enough votes... more
            • Without actual paper ballots to be able to go back and count, ANYTHING can happen in an election that uses electronic voting. If online voting IS allowed, then there should be receipts for the vote.... more
              • Agreed... Sprout, Tue Nov 13 2:17pm
                I understand a number of countries have tried it, but I don't know who has made any permanent transition. I think you raise a valid point about results. IMO this is yet another result of the 24hr... more
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