Yes, there was. But President Trump can't be impeached...
Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:23am

...for something that Hillary and the Democrats did.

  • You do know....wondering, Sun Nov 11 12:48am
    that there WAS collusion, right? And likely still is.
    • Yes, there was. But President Trump can't be impeached... — SES, Sun Nov 11 7:23am
      • Just keep those blinders on.wondering, Sun Nov 11 8:19am
        Maybe it will work for you.
        • I mean, the idolization as their Golden's just weird.
          • It isn't "lovers" that divide the country....wondering, Mon Nov 12 1:09am
            It is haters, racists and bigots. Obama didn't lie and call people names who criticized him. He didn't encourage people to hate others because of their differences. Trump thrives on stirring up... more
            • Obama, by some. That's not blaming him for it. Trump encourages worship and his minions obey. Even Senators. It is bizarre and on an entirely different and dangerous level IMO
              • It is bizarre alright.wondering, Mon Nov 12 1:53am
                I guess I don't really get it because he doesn't seem that 'loveable' or charismatic to me. Maybe I'm just not seeing what others see... or others aren't seeing what I see. But he does seem to be... more
                • Come to think about it....wondering, Mon Nov 12 2:55am
                  I think there are some clues as to the appeal of Donald Trump. First, he was seen as an 'outsider'... IOW, not a politician. He was supposedly a business man. He was supposed to "clean the swamp" of... more
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