It is bizarre alright.
Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:53am

I guess I don't really get it because he doesn't seem that 'loveable' or charismatic to me. Maybe I'm just not seeing what others see... or others aren't seeing what I see. But he does seem to be Hitler like, needing to be worshipped and somehow getting others to comply. That is scary. I hardly recognize my country anymore, especially where I live. But I still don't believe he is as popular as some would like to think he is. He is a lame duck, especially with the House having a Democrat majority now. I hope to God he doesn't get elected again. I'd almost prefer to see him soundly defeated in the next election than to see him impeached.

  • Obama, by some. That's not blaming him for it. Trump encourages worship and his minions obey. Even Senators. It is bizarre and on an entirely different and dangerous level IMO
    • It is bizarre alright. — wondering, Mon Nov 12 1:53am
      • Come to think about it....wondering, Mon Nov 12 2:55am
        I think there are some clues as to the appeal of Donald Trump. First, he was seen as an 'outsider'... IOW, not a politician. He was supposedly a business man. He was supposed to "clean the swamp" of... more
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