Come to think about it....
Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:55am

I think there are some clues as to the appeal of Donald Trump. First, he was seen as an 'outsider'... IOW, not a politician. He was supposedly a business man. He was supposed to "clean the swamp" of all those Washington insiders... you know, all those lying slimy politicians or "liberals" who just want your money to spend on those who are just looking for handouts... like all those Mexicans who are criminals and rapists coming across the borders and taking jobs away from "real" Americans. Also, he said he was going to put justices on the Supreme Court who would make abortion illegal and put women in jail who had abortions... because women need to be put back in their place, you know... feminism is the root of all evil. And then there are the Muslims who are all terrorists. Donald Trump was going to fix everything and "make America GREAT again." Oh yes, and blacks needed to be put back in their place, too... especially after we had a black President, crime of all crimes. Throw those SOBs off the football field who don't kowtow to the American flag and what it stands for, white male supremacy.

People in Germany wanted to believe Hitler was going to make Germany great again, too. Hitler was going to cleanse Germany of it's undesirables, too. And the sad thing is... some of Trump's staunchest supporters are Jews, and women, who want to believe they are better than or more moral than those who would have an abortion, or who come from a different culture, different religion, or have a different skin color, or a different sexual preference.

Some do not learn from history. They may say "never again" and yet... here we are again.

  • It is bizarre alright.wondering, Mon Nov 12 1:53am
    I guess I don't really get it because he doesn't seem that 'loveable' or charismatic to me. Maybe I'm just not seeing what others see... or others aren't seeing what I see. But he does seem to be... more
    • Come to think about it.... — wondering, Mon Nov 12 2:55am
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