Specifically European White Men - Only In The USA Not Europe
Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:18pm

There are other shades of White such as Hispanic and Middle Eastern but virtually all the mass shooters in the USA are White European males. (Only exception I can think of is those two blacks guys in 2002, the Beltway Snipers.

The FBI or the NRA or somebody should focus on that facet as it may be the key to the mass shooter phenomenon.

Gun violence otherwise, probably not so much.

  • Why is it always white men....wondering, Mon Nov 12 11:45am
    who do these mass shootings? And why is it getting worse and worse? What is wrong with this country? You don't see this in other high income countries... Those are some of the questions I am seeing... more
    • Specifically European White Men - Only In The USA Not Europe — Merlin, Mon Nov 12 1:18pm
      • Gun violence outside of mass shootings...Poppet, Mon Nov 12 1:43pm a much more "mixed bag," and white males aren't overrepresented, statistically. Males in general are, of course. Are white males overrepresented in mass shootings? Yes...but it's complicated.... more
        • So then...wondering, Mon Nov 12 2:59pm
          European or "non-hispanic" white males are roughly twice as likely to be mass shooters as are hispanic white males?
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