I didn't remember that number, but I did
Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:19am

recall it was extremely close...

Now, what if there had been one or two corrupt voting officials across the state of Florida?

Might they have been able to switch enough votes or vanish enough votes to make a race that tight have different results?

Or maybe they DID? Certainly there is no proof either way. But IMO without some pretty solid controls, IMO a handful of corrupt voting officials could generate a few hundred votes worth of difference. And to me, voter ID laws are simply one part of creating an election system that is not only trustworthy, but also LOOKS trustworthy to outsiders and voters alike.

I've seen some interesting proposals... While I'm not that computer smart, I saw an interesting idea where everyone would be given a digital token (whatever that is) and would be able to vote security online from home, at the local library, at an internet cafe, or at designated polling places. One of the ideas was that you could not only vote online early, but up until the final day you could go back in and change your vote, and even after voting day you could go back in and VERIFY that your vote was still what you put in and that nobody had altered it. I'm a little leery about trusting such a system, because truthfully a computer system could show ME that is tallying my vote for John Jones when in fact it is reporting a vote from me for Bob Smith... But I'm not entirely sure how to resolve that.

  • GWB his win.
    • I didn't remember that number, but I did — Sprout, Tue Nov 13 9:19am
      • Without actual paper ballots to be able to go back and count, ANYTHING can happen in an election that uses electronic voting. If online voting IS allowed, then there should be receipts for the vote.... more
        • Agreed... Sprout, Tue Nov 13 2:17pm
          I understand a number of countries have tried it, but I don't know who has made any permanent transition. I think you raise a valid point about results. IMO this is yet another result of the 24hr... more
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