Interesting concept, but extremely prone to hacking.
Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:56pm

Without actual paper ballots to be able to go back and count, ANYTHING can happen in an election that uses electronic voting. If online voting IS allowed, then there should be receipts for the vote.

I think that one of the things that we MUST do to fix our system is to STOP expecting results same day and accept that we may have to wait up to a WEEK for results. Then allow an entire month for any automatic recounts. There's simply NO REASON for election results to have to be known INSTANTLY.

Sure, SOME elections are so skewed in favor of certain candidates who swamp their opposition, but anything within 2 percentage points can wait for the results to calculated and then double checked given how determined that Russia is to interfere as well as partisans in any given state who may be responsible for shenanigans.

We should also allow significantly more TIME to vote and more than one WAY to do so. Too many places deliberately make it as difficult as possible to vote. Look at that town with thousands of voters that had ONE poll station that they ultimately moved OUT OF TOWN ?? That's absolutely unconscionable. Maybe election day should be a universal holiday if the majority doesn't want to expand the time frames.

Also, I think there should be a STANDARD STATE BALLOT format used by ALL cities and towns in any given state and maybe even for Federal elections, a standard across the nation. If that means separate ballots for national elections vs state, then so be it. (That may be totally unworkable, IDK, but it's a THOUGHT, anyway.)

It's absurd to allow our elections to be SO VULNERABLE. It's bad enough how easily influenced voters are by fake news blurbs like those on Facebook in 2016, but we can and SHOULD do something to at least make sure that the results are accurately calculated.

  • I didn't remember that number, but I didSprout, Tue Nov 13 9:19am
    recall it was extremely close... Now, what if there had been one or two corrupt voting officials across the state of Florida? Might they have been able to switch enough votes or vanish enough votes... more
    • Interesting concept, but extremely prone to hacking. — Sia☺giah, Tue Nov 13 1:56pm
      • Agreed... Sprout, Tue Nov 13 2:17pm
        I understand a number of countries have tried it, but I don't know who has made any permanent transition. I think you raise a valid point about results. IMO this is yet another result of the 24hr... more
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