Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:17pm

I understand a number of countries have tried it, but I don't know who has made any permanent transition.

I think you raise a valid point about results. IMO this is yet another result of the 24hr news cycle. I think it would be hilarious to see our current crop of media face absolutely vapor lock mentally if they were simply told by the states, "Come back next week."

As you say, some elections are a landslide and it would be reasonable to publicly release a "preliminary" result before the one week formal announcement, and I agree that elections that are close, it would probably be better to simply wait rather than have gov't officials speculating to the media over and over about results that they can't yet really KNOW. Leave the speculating to the media themselves.

I don't think doing separate ballots should be a problem. IMO the state politicians would fight you tooth and nail though. The federal election ballot would be TINY. But the state pols would HATE it because half of the voters only come out to vote in the federal election anyway. They would probably vote for POTUS, their senator, and their representative. Many would probably not BOTHER to fill out the state ballot if they couldn't check a "party line" block at the top of the federal ballot.

Millions went out to vote for Trump or Hillary... I wonder how many of them even know who their US Senator or US Representative WAS. Much less all of those state sentators and representatives... Or all of those judges, and sheriffs, and justices of the peace... and city council members, etc, etc, etc...

  • Without actual paper ballots to be able to go back and count, ANYTHING can happen in an election that uses electronic voting. If online voting IS allowed, then there should be receipts for the vote.... more
    • Agreed... — Sprout, Tue Nov 13 2:17pm
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