Paradise dates back to the 1880's.
Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:23am

So much of the property and buildings were done long before, these sorts of towns are scattered all over. What makes them more dangerous there more than elsewhere is the fire danger. We have communities just like Paradise all over up here in wooded areas. But because our climate is cooler and drier, fires are less likely and spread far slower, in general. Most of ours are on the Eastern side of the state where it is much drier.

  • WHY would such permits be allowed to build communities so vulnerable to wildfires ?? Was it NOT an issue decades ago when they were presumably built ?? Here on the east coast, builders take into... more
    • Price most likely is a factor...Sprout, Mon Nov 19 9:45am
      Land is very expensive in some places. IMO a lot of folks would rather have a nicer house with a smaller yard than a small house and more land. Another possibility for the building of some areas. Not ... more
    • Paradise dates back to the 1880's. — HeavyHemi, Sat Nov 17 1:23am
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