Price most likely is a factor...
Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:45am

Land is very expensive in some places. IMO a lot of folks would rather have a nicer house with a smaller yard than a small house and more land.

Another possibility for the building of some areas. Not all areas require permits. For example, in my area, if you build in city limits, you have to pull a permit to build almost anything, including a garden shed (if you want to run electric to it). But if you live out in the unincorporated areas, you can build without permits. The first time you will run into trouble with code violations would be if you try to SELL the house and the lender's inspector comes through.

The land I own is pretty far out of town. I could, in theory, put in my well and septic, build my driveway, build my house, and even build my handgun range on my property without pulling any permits. The only inspection that would occur would be after I put up my weatherhead and polls and ask the local utility to hook up electricity. And even then, they will just inspect my external wiring.

IMO with places where fires are a significant threat, one COULD build with concrete or other essentially fire-proof materials. It would just drive the construction costs up.

  • WHY would such permits be allowed to build communities so vulnerable to wildfires ?? Was it NOT an issue decades ago when they were presumably built ?? Here on the east coast, builders take into... more
    • Price most likely is a factor... — Sprout, Mon Nov 19 9:45am
    • Paradise dates back to the 1880's. HeavyHemi, Sat Nov 17 1:23am
      So much of the property and buildings were done long before, these sorts of towns are scattered all over. What makes them more dangerous there more than elsewhere is the fire danger. We have... more
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