What qualities do you look for in choosing friends ??
Mon Dec 3, 2018 3:59pm

What qualities matter to you the most in those you choose to spend your time with ?? (Obviously aside of having things/interests in common that make a friendship last)

    • Everything else follows from there.
    • My answers areSia☺giah, Mon Dec 3 4:08pm
      In no particular order: 1- honesty (nothing worse than someone I cannot trust or believe) 2- a good sense of humor (I love to laugh and can't stand sourpusses) 3- willingness to be flexible,... more
      • I agree with you.wondering, Mon Dec 3 4:31pm
        Sadly, it seems quite rare these days to find people with all those qualities.
        • Because kindness would cover a lot of "sins". LOL. But, seriously, someone who is kind is more likely to have at least some degree of the other requirements.
          • Well that may be true....wondering, Mon Dec 3 10:53pm
            but it is kinda hard to be kind to mean people or people you can't trust... and then it will seem like you are being mean or holding a grudge if you don't trust dishonest people or be nice to mean... more
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