"Even though they did manage to win a boatload of seats..."
Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:32pm (XFF:

Including FDR, there have been 22 mid-term elections in the last what -- 84 years?

The net seats lost in the last mid-term election (39 by the last count I've seen) falls right around the middle of the pack - tied for 10th with Bush 43.

Fewer seats lost than Obama, Clinton, Carter, and LBJ.

And only the 5th time that a Party picked UP seats in the Senate.

A blue trickle.

  • Yes, we all know that Dems have dabbled in gerrymandering in some areas. That is reprehensible. They've had a little success in gaining power as a result by cheating a few hundred thousand... more
    • There Are Fixes That Would Stop GerrymanderingAmadeus, Tue Dec 11 10:43am
      We could implement them, if we wanted. Bigger districts with multiple representatives from each elected with ranked voting. That would make gerrymandering pointless. Amadeus
      • Given how egregious so many examples are with noSia☺giah, Tue Dec 11 5:41pm
        end in sight, I think it's absolutely necessary for the FEDS to implement some kind of "overall fix" that would force states to abandon the practice altogether. Because the states have full control... more
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