The Justice Department...
Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:28pm (XFF:

...also wrote memos defending the use of torture.

So, the fact that they have written memos doesn't equate to their being right. Aside from that, their memos do not settle law. The president certainly can be indicted. And then, his lawyers would be free to challenge that indictment on the strength of those Justice Department memos. And based on their reading of the Constitution's absence of argument concerning indictment. And even based on Hamilton's explanation of how he thought it should work.

The reason this discussion has come up is because the Republican Party has no integrity and is willing to allow Trump to do just about anything. They have also demonstrated that they will help Trump obstruct investigations into his actions by selectively pursuing evidence, by selectively releasing information designed to undermine valid investigations, and by putting party above nation in their work.

I heard a Republican commentator speaking about the power grab going on in Michigan and about whether voters are going to hold Republicans accountable in the next elections for what Republicans are doing in this lame duck session, and he dismissively said, "No. Voters won't remember this a few months from now. By the time the next elections come around, there will be all different issues, and none of this will matter."

This is what the Republican Party has become. Power for the sake of power. No accountability. They have followed Trump down into a mud pit. And the voters aren't going to forget.

We'll remind them.


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