That's fine. If that works for you, then so be it.
Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:45am (XFF:

If you'll just go with "Experts say that a sitting President can be indicted", without giving your own opinion
supported by facts, then good for you.

I prefer to think for myself, but then...that's just me.

  • Nope. Read the referenced post inside for details.Sia☺giah, Thu Dec 13 7:57pm;article=700259;title=Civilized%20General%20Discussion Also, DO NOT presume to tell me what or why I believe anything.
    • That's fine. If that works for you, then so be it. — SES, Fri Dec 14 9:45am
      • Obviously, you did NOT read my actual response.Sia☺giah, Fri Dec 14 10:29pm
        I don't need to give MY personal opinion on the matter since I am NOT a legal scholar. I will accept the conclusions of both Kenneth Starr and Leon Jaworski that, YES, a sitting POTUS can be... more
      • You Quoted It, But...Amadeus, Fri Dec 14 4:37pm
        ...your interpretation of it is... what? Nonsense? Simply because the portion on impeachment explicitly mentions that impeachment does not abridge the ability to indict a president afterward does not ... more
    • Spelled out for youSia☺giah, Thu Dec 13 8:07pm
      This is what Kenneth Starr put in writing regarding indicting Bill Clinton. It's been locked in the national archives for 2 decades, but was released to the NYT under the Freedom of Information Act... more
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