Obviously, you did NOT read my actual response.
Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:29pm

I don't need to give MY personal opinion on the matter since I am NOT a legal scholar. I will accept the conclusions of both Kenneth Starr and Leon Jaworski that, YES, a sitting POTUS can be indicted. There is simply no reason for me to opine further on the matter given that THEIR opinions are actually of value, whereas yours and mine are mere speculation by folks without specialized legal and constitutional knowledge.

  • If you'll just go with "Experts say that a sitting President can be indicted", without giving your own opinion supported by facts, then good for you. I prefer to think for myself, but then...that's... more
    • Obviously, you did NOT read my actual response. — Sia☺giah, Fri Dec 14 10:29pm
    • You Quoted It, But...Amadeus, Fri Dec 14 4:37pm
      ...your interpretation of it is... what? Nonsense? Simply because the portion on impeachment explicitly mentions that impeachment does not abridge the ability to indict a president afterward does not ... more
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