Human nature may remain
Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:43am

prejudiced and partial to one's own kind; however, there is one big game changer since the advent of the industrial revolution... and that is weapons of mass destruction. If people can't get over their selfish and self-righteous egos and squabbles, we could all face extinction.

Bertrand Russell said there were three things needed if people are to survive and live happily in the industrial age.

A World Government
(which would control all the important weapons of ware)

Approximate Economic Equality in different parts of the world
The standard of living should be more equal throughout the world, as envy is the cause of unrest.

A Nearly Stationary Population
(food supply at issue)

He also said we need a more positive philosophy to help us to a more hopeful future.

"The trouble is dogmatically believing something or other. (ie. religious dogma and certitude) All of these matters are full of doubt, and the rational man will not be too sure that he is right. We ought always to entertain our feelings with some measure of doubt. I shouldn’t wish people dogmatically to believe any philosophy, not even my own. We should accept our philosophies with a measure of doubt. If a philosophy is to bring happiness, it should be inspired by a kindly feeling."

  • of how much time and history passes by.
    • Human nature may remain — wondering, Mon Dec 17 10:43am
      • Make that....wondering, Mon Dec 17 10:48am
        ...weapons of war... I would also add that politics has become like religion in many ways, with it's own dogma and certitude, with blind faith and loyalty required from its adherents.
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