HELLO? Try rereading the piece for some additional context
Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:40pm

that MIGHT just make the actual POINT more clear to you.

Besides, I did NOT say that the Yemeni War had NOTHING to do with Iran. The DECISION by Congress had NOTHING to do with Iran is what I said. Both decisions were related ONLY in that they rejected tRUMP's positions as well as being rejections of Saudi Arabia's interests that he apparently favors over our own.

No wonder you didn't understand the post, you're stuck on your own vision and apparently unable to see any other, even when it's spelled out for you.


In any case, IF you want to discuss the topic of US interventions and support for various civil wars across the globe, START A NEW THREAD and folks may just discuss it with you. In THIS thread, the discussion is about the actions taken by the SENATE that showed their willingness to oppose tRUMP's personal agendas and to limit his ability to engage American soldiers** and monies to wars that congress has not approved FIRST.

**It's about damned time. GWB, Obama, AND tRUMP engaged American soldiers in conflicts that congress did NOT approve of FIRST. Our government was set up and designed to separate the powers and congress was supposed to be in charge of that, NOT the POTUS. It was a MISTAKE to give GWB the powers they gave him to wage undeclared wars and that has been proven repeatedly ever since.

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