You *Are* Often Rather Like A Brick Wall...
Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:16pm (XFF:

But I try not to hold that against you.

1. As a general rule, Trump supporters don't believe that the vetting system works if it lets in anyone from a foreign country. I wish that were just a snarky comment, but as a general rule, it seems to be true.

2. Of course, most people don't have problems with legitimate asylum seekers that present themselves at border crossings. Some Trump supporters do, because, as has been pointed out, they come from foreign countries. As such, they should be sent back home.

3. I realize that plenty of people, including many Trump supporters, have a problem with those who cross the border but not at official border crossings. They do not realize that asylum seekers and refugees are allowed to do that, as long as they turn themselves in once they are across the border. The US has signed onto international treaties that allow asylum seekers and refugees to do that.

I realize that your echo chamber has convinced you that liberals believe all Trump supporters are racist. We don't. We understand that a great many racists are Trump supporters, though. And Trump has done very little to dissuade them. He knows he needs them. We will not apologize for calling out racism, and calling out Trump for enabling it, and calling out Trump supporters for turning a blind eye to it.

If you can't differentiate between all those - if it's too complex - then your frustration is understandable.


  • ...poisoned by the dishonest ignorant Trump-hating Left Media. As a general rule: 1. Trump supporters and most Americans want reasonable limits and requirements put on refugees. They have no problem... more
    • You *Are* Often Rather Like A Brick Wall... — Amadeus, Mon Dec 17 4:16pm
      • racism on whomever disagrees with you so that you don't have to actually address the issue. What you consistently forget is that the asylum seeker is supposed to turn him/her self in after the FIRST... more
        • As I Said...Amadeus, Tue Dec 18 12:30am
          If you can't distinguish between being racist, enabling racism, and turning a blind eye to both, then... well... you should work on that. NO, the asylum seeker is NOT bound to turn themselves in... more
        • is that Mexico is NOT recognized as a safe third country. tRUMP is attempting to make Mexico a Safe Third Country, but it isn't one. Neither are the other countries they may have crossed through.... more
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