In my opinion, what you are doing is presuming
Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:00pm

racism on whomever disagrees with you so that you don't have to actually address the issue.

What you consistently forget is that the asylum seeker is supposed to turn him/her self in after the FIRST international border they choose to cross illegally... Not after crossing MULTIPLE borders illegally just to get to the place they REALLY want to be.

The law does not allow REPEATED border crossings simply based on the preference of the asylum seeker.

  • You *Are* Often Rather Like A Brick Wall...Amadeus, Mon Dec 17 4:16pm
    But I try not to hold that against you. 1. As a general rule, Trump supporters don't believe that the vetting system works if it lets in anyone from a foreign country. I wish that were just a snarky... more
    • In my opinion, what you are doing is presuming — Sprout, Mon Dec 17 5:00pm
      • As I Said...Amadeus, Tue Dec 18 12:30am
        If you can't distinguish between being racist, enabling racism, and turning a blind eye to both, then... well... you should work on that. NO, the asylum seeker is NOT bound to turn themselves in... more
      • is that Mexico is NOT recognized as a safe third country. tRUMP is attempting to make Mexico a Safe Third Country, but it isn't one. Neither are the other countries they may have crossed through.... more
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