As I Said...
Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:30am

If you can't distinguish between being racist, enabling racism, and turning a blind eye to both, then... well... you should work on that.

NO, the asylum seeker is NOT bound to turn themselves in after the first border they cross. Not even after the first border they cross into a treaty signatory. They are allowed to wait until they feel they are safe from danger. The treaty does provide for the country that processes them to return them to the first country they could have petitioned for asylum, depending on the circumstances.

We are currently turning away asylum seekers at ports of entry. It's been documented by international aid agencies and by journalists. This is against treaty obligations (which carry the weight of Constitutional law here in the US).

Is it any wonder that asylum seekers would cross away from a port of entry?


  • racism on whomever disagrees with you so that you don't have to actually address the issue. What you consistently forget is that the asylum seeker is supposed to turn him/her self in after the FIRST... more
    • As I Said... — Amadeus, Tue Dec 18 12:30am
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