The protestors were demanding he be arrested.
Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:38pm

DUH. Since there IS an international arrest warrant against GWB et al, (from Malaysia, where they were convicted in absentia), then it's a very REAL fear.

Would the Swiss arrest him? Probably not. Would they extradite him to Malaysia? Probably not. But the point remains that he could be held up there for an unknown amount of time trying to sort it all out.

So, he didn't go.

  • Presumptions....Sprout, Wed Dec 19 9:44am
    Some presume that the reason the trip was cancelled was to avoid arrest... The official statement was that the trip was cancelled due to the threat of protests. Can you prove the official statement... more
    • The protestors were demanding he be arrested. — Sia☺giah, Wed Dec 19 1:38pm
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