Why do you not give the lady a chance
Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:58am

You did not even open her post.

I think this is the post she was trying to post to the board.

  • Well, this is a waste of bandwidth. Sia☺giah, Sat Dec 22 11:56pm
    Maybe link to something other than Facebook ?
    • Why do you not give the lady a chance — John, Mon Dec 24 1:58am
      • Why do you not mind your own business?Sia☺giah, Tue Dec 25 7:52pm
        No one here "knows" you, so who do you think you are to criticize ?? Yome has been asked to leave NUMEROUS times for his misbehavior, so if some of us choose to ignore or diss his nonsense, what... more
      • Your attempt to infer or imply otherwise, would be dishonest. Are you dishonest? (that is a rhetorical question)
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