It is a reasonable conclusion based on your usage and its
Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:50pm

position in the discussion. That's where.

Your choice to post it as a response to Merlin's remarks disputing "Ron" implies that you were correcting Merlin and agreeing with "Ron".

Since you didn't specify that you were merely "educating" him on what you figured he didn't know, (which I cannot fathom that he actually needed or didn't already know), it can readily be presumed that your intention was to support "Ron's" claim.

You might want to brush up on that sort of thing because it frequently happens that you post something that most take one way and you later claim was intended another way. Either that or be more specific and CLEAR as to your actual intentions, at the time you post them, to rule out incorrect interpretations of your less than clear responses.

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