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Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:25pm

In the private sector when you are FIRED, not only are you fired from the position you are fired from the EMPLOYER.

Otherwise you would be being DEMOTED or TRANSFERRED. Not fired.

You are making an assumption that his retirement timeline had ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING to do with the removal from the position... It is possible you are correct, but in MOST cases where an officer is removed from a position, retirement follows soon after. Sometimes it simply HAPPENS that the relief of command was just before the officer intended to retire anyway. Sometimes the retirement is because the officer knows that having been fired from a job that their career progression is over and they choose that time to retire. And sometimes they officer is 'advised' to retire and they do so. The paperwork all looks the same.

Which it was in this particular case, I have no idea. I would not presume ANY of those scenario's to be some sort of absolute truth.

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