How have you been fairing since President Trump...
Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:14pm (XFF:

..."plunged the country into chaos", according to that ignorant Trump-hating Libturd scumpuke, Chuckie Schumer?

Libturd lemmings ignorantly lapped that spew up like a puppy licking up its own vomit.

I like how Libturd scumpukes think that withdrawing a Regiment-sized unit from Syria is nearly the end of the world,
after they've spent the last five years bemoaning the chaotic situation in Syria and how we have no idea who the good
guys are and the bad guys are anymore.

I love how President Trump goes to visit the troops, and the troops welcome him with open arms, and all the Libturd
scumbag media can talk about is how it looked like he was using it as a campaign rally.

How's that "collusion" think coming?

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