I know plenty of people who've been removed from a position
Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:15pm

yet remained employed with a company. The manufacturer that I was Personnel Director of all too frequently removed folks from managerial positions they didn't work out in and sent them back to their old union jobs. Some quit from humiliation, but most were grateful that they didn't lose their job because they needed it and had years of seniority there.

I also know LOTS of career military, a few of whom were demoted, but obviously still remained in the military.

Why on earth do you think that only military people would know such things?

  • Only obvious once you have been told.Sprout, Thu Dec 27 9:35am
    How many people do you know who have been FIRED, yet still kept working for the same employer?
    • People are often transferred to a different department or job within the same company or corporation because their immediate boss or supervisor does not want to keep them in that position. They are... more
      • the same thing and obviously, the military isn't going to boot someone out of it just because they didn't "fit" in a particular position or screwed up somehow. That's just an OBVIOUS GIVEN even if... more
        • should you decide you do not like your 'job' in the military. They have invested money in your training and you are their via contractual obligation. In that respect, it is very dissimilar to... more
          • Perhaps I wasn't clear? I wasn't suggesting soldiersSia☺giah, Fri Dec 28 12:29am
            have all kinds of options if they don't like their jobs. I wasn't even actually talking about soldiers liking jobs or wanting to quit the military (other than saying that it must be so, else they'd... more
      • That is kind of my point...Sprout, Thu Dec 27 11:51am
        That they are NOT actually FIRED.... they are transferred or demoted or otherwise moved.. but NOT fired... Whereas, within the military folks often SAY that a person was FIRED, but IN FACT they were... more
        • Yes we know he was not FIRED, that's the point.HeavyHemi, Thu Dec 27 12:48pm
          We are not arguing with a 'Military folk' we are pointing out someone made a factual error. And now we laugh at you making post after post literally arguing absolutely nothing. Holy cow.
          • Which is why it is important to understand the DIFFERENCE in how that word is used in the military versus in the private sector.
            • HELLO? "Ron" claimed he was fired from the MILITARYSia☺giah, Thu Dec 27 3:42pm
              THAT is why what he said is BS, not because folks don't already KNOW that one can be removed from a military position but still remain in the military. Is there NOTHING that you won't make a stink... more
              • HELLO? I never said otherwise....Sprout, Thu Dec 27 4:06pm
                I KNOW he was not fired from the military. He was fired from his POSITION... And being FIRED in the military has a different MEANING than it does in the private sector.
                • OBVIOUSLY. No One EVER suggested otherwise, so WhYSia☺giah, Fri Dec 28 1:27am
                  are you continuing to push it as if ANYONE asked, doubted, or didn't ALREADY know that ??? You brought it up as if Merlin was so sheltered that he didn't know that you can be fired from a job in the... more
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