Your post is so full of disgusting slop that I stopped
Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:28pm

reading it. Post like a civilized human if you want someone to continue reading, or expect to be tuned out.

  • ..."plunged the country into chaos", according to that ignorant Trump-hating Libturd scumpuke, Chuckie Schumer? Libturd lemmings ignorantly lapped that spew up like a puppy licking up its own vomit.... more
    • for a cheap stunt...or maybe that was at the direction of Putin. When Trump goes to prison, we will remember your ilk and the traitors to America among them. Count yourself in with them with what you ... more
      • Bought gas today at $1.87 a gallon.SES, Fri Dec 28 8:37am
        I wonder if all of the ignorant Libturd scumpukes who blamed Trump when gas prices went up will give him the credit now that gas prices are coming down. Of course not. And that's because they have... more
      • That was pretty damned STUPID on his part...Sia☺giah, Thu Dec 27 11:32pm
        What kind of NITWIT publicly posts photos of Seal Team 5 or any other Elite team whose identities are kept confidential ?? Does he EVER THINK before he blunders into the dozens of idiotic things he... more
    • Your post is so full of disgusting slop that I stopped — Sia☺giah, Thu Dec 27 3:28pm
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