Well...not quite...you are quite limited in options...
Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:34pm

should you decide you do not like your 'job' in the military. They have invested money in your training and you are their via contractual obligation. In that respect, it is very dissimilar to civilian work. In the military, if you say no to doing your job, you're actually subject to varying levels of disciplinary action up to and including a Court Martial depending upon circumstances and there are real legal penalties. In the civy world, you can just get up and walk out with the only consequence being personal.

  • the same thing and obviously, the military isn't going to boot someone out of it just because they didn't "fit" in a particular position or screwed up somehow. That's just an OBVIOUS GIVEN even if... more
    • Well...not quite...you are quite limited in options... — HeavyHemi, Thu Dec 27 6:34pm
      • Perhaps I wasn't clear? I wasn't suggesting soldiersSia☺giah, Fri Dec 28 12:29am
        have all kinds of options if they don't like their jobs. I wasn't even actually talking about soldiers liking jobs or wanting to quit the military (other than saying that it must be so, else they'd... more
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