"yet remained employed with a company"... At least try.
Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:37pm

It is clear you didn't even read the first sentence of her post. That means you don't care what is posted. You're a troll.

  • And how many were "fired"? (nm)Sprout, Thu Dec 27 4:06pm
    • from a job in the MILITARY but remaining IN the military thing, when the actual issue everyone ELSE is talking about is that Obama COULDN'T have "fired Mattis FROM the military, as "Ron" ridiculously ... more
      • LOL.... It's amazing how fixated you get...Sprout, Fri Dec 28 1:41pm
        You agree with everything I said in my original post, but are so wrapped up with what you THINK I was THINKING that you cannot get back to reality. I am fully aware that Obama didn't "fire" Mattis... more
        • Your reply is trolling nonsense, Spout.HeavyHemi, Fri Dec 28 2:01pm
          You mean you agreed with everything we posted yet are still making noise. Your immaturity is the most consistent thing about you, boy.
    • "yet remained employed with a company"... At least try. — HeavyHemi, Thu Dec 27 6:37pm
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