Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:34pm

Perhaps liberals generally have a more nuanced understanding of things than you do. For example, we liberals can be against things like profiteering off war, unnecessary war, philosophies like "preemptive war," etc. - but also understand that once we have entered a complicated military/political situation with troops (and made commitments to some of the actors in the situation), we should not recklessly create a void by abandoning our commitments and pulling out without a plan that addresses the complicated situation to make sure that we won't end up in a worse situation because of it.

An in depth understanding of complicated issues.

You know, we can admire Comey for the good things he did regarding Trump and also be annoyed at Comey for succumbing to Republican whining and announcing the reopening of the investigation into Clinton's emails on the eve of the election. We can understand the nuances of immigration.

We can criticize Trump for not visiting the troops, and also criticize him for committing epic diplomatic buffoonery when he finally does it - and for using it as an overt political stump opportunity.

I can understand how a simpleton would just not understand it. They would just think liberals criticized Trump for not visiting and then for visiting.

But you're not a simpleton.

You know better.


  • Trump Derangement Syndrome makes DELETED say...SES (edited by moderator), Thu Dec 27 9:09am
    ...the dumbest things. Ignorant Trump-hating Libturds: "THESE ENDLESS WARS ARE JUST A WAY FOR THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX TO MAKE A PROFIT ON WAR AND DEATH AND MISERY AAAHHH!!!" President Trump... more
    • Consider... — Amadeus, Fri Dec 28 10:34pm
      • Very well said and I concur (nm)Sia☺giah, Sat Dec 29 10:39am
        • I agree.wondering, Sat Dec 29 12:24pm
          I wonder if SES or Sprout would be honest enough to tell us how they really feel about Trump's decision to withdraw all troops from Syria? Somehow I doubt it. It seems more important to them to... more
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