I wonder if Trump loses the 2020 election, that on 20 Jan
Wed Jan 2, 2019 2:50pm

2021, he will conveniently be in a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the US....ha ha. I've been pondering the idea if Trump could be subject to immediate arrest upon the oath of office of his successor. Of course the criminal perquisites for arrest would have been made (just for Spout, yes every single 'T' crossed and "i" dotted for an arrest warrant for a citizen). But other than subjective reasons, why not?

    • Certainly a possibility....Sprout, Fri Jan 4 4:18pm
      Though I wouldn't have high hopes if I were you... I remember posters who were ADAMANT that Bush would never leave office and would declare martial law to declare himself president for life. Didn't... more
      • was "ADAMANT" that Bush would never leave office by declaring martial law and declaring himself POTUS for life. I also remember plenty of people speculating that GWB COULD be arrested, but no one who ... more
        • Santoshi posted here constantly and sheSprout, Sun Jan 6 11:48am
          was absolutely CERTAIN that Bush would not leave office. You missed the point of my statement. IF the intent is to target the POTUS with legal action it is IMO MORE LIKELY that they would impeach... more
          • You said posterS, not one person.Sia☺giah, Sun Jan 6 4:32pm
            Besides, said "person" does not post here now and hasn't for more than a decade. ONE example does not meet the word POSTERS. You cannot toss out a single random individual as "proof" that a problem... more
            • It was an example....Sprout, Mon Jan 7 7:18am
              Are you now prepared to claim that Santoshi was the ONLY one and support it with evidence?
          • And is your arguement not ours. Typical Spout "I never responded to the article and don't intend to." Pretty much what you do on every thread. You don't address the article, you distort what others... more
      • That you believe I should hope that Trump gets away with his crimes....what happened to you that you proactively defend this criminal admin?
    • be IN the White House and AT the ceremony, so, being out of the country would make it extremely obvious what was up. But, it's doable, I'm sure.
      • It is an interesting question....Sprout, Fri Jan 4 4:22pm
        Would the DOJ be able to effectively keep such a warrant secret? IMO to build a case to the level that they could get an actual arrest warrant for a sitting president, even one post-dated to the day... more
      • Trump supporters. In the pre Trump era, we would not even be pondering the possibility, never mind that however unlikely, it is doable and for reasons that are not fanciful or farcical: serious and... more
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