Deplorable Pheoma
I see you bought the LIE, hook, line, and sinker
Wed Jan 2, 2019 11:43pm

You do know how to google, don't you?

The answer is out there is plain sight.

You can read it yourself. Here are a few highlights. This was about the one at the start of 2018

Employees put on unpaid furloughs were at first guaranteed to be paid only for the time they spent closing down their work, typically for part of Monday. However, the bill ending the shutdown followed the pattern of those ending past funding lapses by requiring that furloughed employees be paid as if they had worked for the time they were kept off the job.

In addition to basic pay, a furloughed employee who “had been regularly scheduled to perform overtime work or to perform work at night or during a period for which any other form of premium pay would otherwise be payable is entitled to receive overtime pay, night pay, or other premium pay as if the work had been performed,” OPM said, reflecting policy it also followed during the shutdown in 2013.

The government pays those eligible for overtime at the standard time-and-a-half rate; “premium pay” refers to add-ons paid to some employees for working overnight schedules as well as on Sundays or at certain other times such as holidays.

For furloughed employees, the time not worked also counts in the accumulation of sick leave and vacation time, as well as for the waiting period toward a time in grade-based pay raise. The guidance also covers various special considerations such as employees who previously were scheduled to be on leave without pay, such as unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The pattern of past funding lapses is to pay the employees whether they worked or not.

I generally try my hardest to know what I am talking about.

  • given to, may NOT "be paid eventually", because they are not, in fact, working. They are furloughed -- laid off -- not working. They may lose their shirts. No matter what does happen, they are... more
    • I see you bought the LIE, hook, line, and sinker — Deplorable Pheoma, Wed Jan 2 11:43pm
      • I didn't buy into anyone's "lies". I also make sure that I know what I am talking about. In every case, I was careful to emphasize that it is not a GIVEN that anyone furloughed with eventually be... more
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